AR Management

Cash flow is key. Your days in AR, or revenue cycle time, has a significant impact on your bottom line. Outsourcing to Global Billing Solutions Inc can submit your claims faster and with fewer errors, so you receive payment from payers in the shortest amount of time.

AR Management

GBS takes care of all the critical functions involved in AR management including filing of appeals, assessing insurance low pays, updating insurance contracts, managing unapplied balances, managing refunds, and processing patient statements and delinquency letters.

Denial Management

Minimize lost reimbursements and denials with highly efficient systems and services designed to meet your needs. Maximize your effectiveness at collecting unpaid claims. Precision expertly tracks and manages timely follow up on all unpaid claims, ensuring that no time is lost on pursuing every reimbursement possibility..

Workflow and Reporting

GBS dedicates specific staff, well trained and experienced in denial management, to undertake this very important work.  The software tools used by GBS’s staff allow for well managed and timely follow-up on all unpaid claims.  These same workflow tools allow for extremely detailed and useful reporting, making work done on denied claims very visible and make accountable all the resources devoted to this task.

HIPAA Compliance Review

Since we are committed to conducting business in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, we offer an extensive HIPAA compliance review. Some of the HIPAA rules include privacy standards that should be followed by the Department of Health and Human Services, and the requirement of covered entities that transmit any health information in electronic form to maintain the confidentiality of all individually identifiable information. These guidelines, along with many others, are why we conduct comprehensive compliance reviews for your medical business.


The MGMA (Medical Group Management association) says that claims should get submitted to an insurance within 48-72Hrs after being received by a biller. We set our own internal benchmark and all of this happens (including the 3 tier QA) within 24 – 48 Hrs.

Our Coordination Process

AR Management - Global Billing Solutions

Your payments are posted by professionals who will prevent errors in payment posting, resulting in denials being detected upfront. These are worked and resubmitted for timely payment. We will ensure that you are transmitting claims electronically to all possible carriers and are set up to receive ERAs, further reducing turnaround time. Achieving the highest reimbursement possible in the shortest amount of time puts money in the bank and not on the books.