We believe in transparency. We want you to know everything about us!

Is our staff certified?

Yes. Our account managers are AAPC certified.

Is it only billing you do?

NO! We cover your entire revenue cycle (billing, collections, denials management, payment posting, reporting, patient statement, and everything in between – A to Z of your Revenue Cycle). We mean it when we call ourselves FULL SERVICE!.

What makes you the BEST?

• We provide FULL SERVICE (the real meaning of FULL SERVICE) –Medical Billing, Collections, Denials Management, Payment Posting, Patient Statements, Monthly Reporting and everything in between is included in our pricing.
• We also provide our clients fully integrated Practice Management & EMR software at our cost!
• GBS charges a percentage of net monthly collections – We get paid ONLY if you get paid!
• We do not tie up our clients in to long term contracts. We want our clients to have the freedom to decide. Our results do the talking!
• We increase client reimbursements by 30% within 6 months of taking over your billing.
• GBS sets benchmarks of dropping your Old AR by 25% within 2 months of taking over. We have the best people, the industry experts and software partners to give you the best results!!.

What is your policy on billing TAT

We bill out claims within 24 – 48 Hrs of receipt.

How many staff members are dedicated to your account?

We would need to know the number of encounters? what the payor mix is? What does your Old AR look like? Our team members are specialist in their own function. Each of our clients have their own set of dedicated billers, payment posters, collection specialists, denials management specialists, Old AR specialists etc. In addition our billing manager and client services managers will be work directly with our clients. .

Are we HIPAA compliant?

We pay extra attention to our clients confidential information. No one other than your account team will have access to your/your patient information. In fact prior to commencing work with us, you sign a Business Associate Agreement that covers areas such as HIPAA, HITECH and PHI. In addition, we constantly update our HIPAA manuals and have our employee’s go through HIPPA training sessions annually so it acts as a refresher for them.

Where are your billers located?

Our entire billing & account management team is based in Fairbanks, AK.

Will we get a guarantee of transparency?

We are strong advocates of transparency. In fact our contracts dictate that we share reports and billing info with our clients. All billing companies need to follow this but some don’t. You will be provided informative month end reports that cover all areas of charges/production, collections, AR (individual carrier AR + patient balances etc) and your account manager/billing manager will be reviewing the reports with you at least once a month. Our senior management usually partake in these review calls to make sure the clients are taken care of. All our reports can be customized to client requirements.

Does GBS do credentialing and review payor contracts?

Yes to both. Most billing companies do both for a fee. However, we believe it is a part of your revenue cycle and we being a “FULL SERVICE” medical billing company include it in our services/fee’s.

Does your company track any underpayments?

Yes we do. We do monthly audits on insurance payments to ensure they are paying our clients the correct/acceptable amount and we aggressively follow up on those that are underpaid. Why leave money on the table?? The more we collect for you, the more money we make.

What is your termination policy?

Our contracts are for a period of 12 months and automatically renewable after the 12th month. However we do not tie up our clients in to long term contracts. There is a 90 days written notice, exit clause. We want our clients to have this flexibility and is something we don’t worry about too much. We let the results do the talking

Who pays for the Software?

When you sign-up with GBS, you get fully integrated AdvancedMD Practice Management System at our cost. We cover all setup/licensing fee’s, hosting, maintenance fee’s and all monthly subscriptions. All these are included in our % based pricing. Try getting it from any other billing company without hidden charges!.

How many office Keys do we get?

Its per provider. Each provider gets an office key with full access to all his/her RCM data.

Are we able to set up a demonstration of what the billing reports look like and how we access them?

Absolutely! We will setup an AdvacnedMD demo for you (complete Practice Management System) + special emphasis on any specific area you would like (reports/EMR/Scheduler etc.). If you still require more examples, our team will guide you through the entire system. We are AMD experts and can guide you very well! In addition, if you or your staff or the physicians themselves need additional training on the AMD system we will arrange that for you through AMD and our staff too will provide personalized training anytime.

Can we get references? Most definitely YES!

Check out our testimonials. We will provide you detailed references at the right time as we WILL NOT bother our clients unless you are you serious about letting us help you with your billing. If you were our client, we would treat you the same way.

What about ICD10?

You will need a ICD10 compliant Practice Management System and more importantly, you will need billing help! Let us help take that burden away from you!!

Consult us for more info!